Diruneutra PH Neutral, Residue Free Solution for Passivation

The base of stainless steel consists of around 11% of chromium which forms an ultra-thin coating which protects the surface as it contains chromium oxide. This passive or protective layer is depleted of chromium over time in practical applications and the rest of the steel surface which contains iron, forms rouge over time. So, it is important to use highly concentrated acids to remove iron oxides which are the ideal treatment for removal. Though it is effective yet easy, the disposal and handling of acids is easy.


This way, Diruneutra is an effective product developed by Germany-based Ateco Services AG and it is distributed solely in the US by the Process Stainless Lab and Ultraclean Electropolish Inc. It is a pH neutral rouge removing product for safe cleaning and disposal process. It is very cost effective to derouge the surface as compared to traditional acids. It just decomposes and addresses iron oxides, instead of etching nickel or chromium and it leaves the surfaces intact. With proper monitoring of iron in the liquid, one can perform the cleaning process when Fe reaches the stable value after a specific time period. The typical period of treatment is usually 1 to 4 hours at around 70 to 80 degree Celsius. It has pH neutral value of 7 which is void of heavy materials.


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