Guidelines for Safe e-Waste and Mobile Phone Recycling

This holiday season has brought consumers a myriad of new electronic devices but what happens to the used, outdated gadgets, tablets and smartphones? The Basel Action Network provides guidelines to ensure the safe and secure recycling of used electronics.

1. Never toss used technology in the trash

Electronics should never be tossed in the trash as they can contain lead, mercury, arsenic as well as other toxic chemicals that have been proven to cause cancer and other major health problems. You may take a look for online and get the info regarding the mobile phone recycling.

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When e-Waste ends up in a landfill, these chemicals can leach into ground contaminating the soil and water. In fact, the chemicals contained inside of a single cell phone can pollute approximately 40,000 gallons of water.

2. Do not store your used electronics in desk drawers and closets

Most used electronics will end up collecting dust in storage closets, desk drawers or garages even though the best use for old technology is reuse, repair and refurbishment.

Most mobile phones and electronic devices maintain value even after 18 to 24 months of use and often e-Recyclers provide payment for your unused wireless technologies.

However, the value of these devices diminishes rapidly so be sure to responsible recycle your used electronics and mobile devices as soon as they are replaced.

3. Only recycle used technologies with e-Stewards Certified recyclers or refurbishes

E-Stewards Certified recyclers adhere to the most robust social and environmental standards. Many uncertified recyclers will not recycle used electronics and mobile devices but instead ship them to scrap brokers overseas. 


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