How The Heck Do I Meditate?

“OK, my eyes are closed… I’m sitting here in the dark… I still have to go to the grocery store tomorrow, oh but before I go I have to remember to go to the post office to send my package to my sister, did I remember to tell her we have to go see our Aunt Mary next weekend?  Ugh is it the weekend yet, nope only Wednesday.  Oh wait, I’m meditating.  QUIET MIND!”  


This is usually what happens to me when I sit down to meditate, instead of clearing my mind I go into a whirlwind of thoughts.  I started to read different books and articles about meditation and going to a free meditation class every week at my local yoga studio for help.  What I needed was a little guidance as well as patience with myself.  Just like anything else you learn in life, it takes time and daily practice.  Going to a class or listening to a recorded guided meditation can be helpful for beginners.  If you are practicing at home find your most comfortable sitting area, I have a big oversized chair next to my living room window that I like to sit in when I meditate.  Turn off all devices and anything else that may bring distraction.  Your hands can be placed near your belly with your right hand placed in the left hand, palms up, with the tips of the thumbs lifted and gently touching.  You want to be sitting up tall but not tense and your shoulders level and relaxed.  Close your eyes and focus on your breath, breathe in from your nose.  Feel the air fill your lungs and travel into your belly.  On the exhale engage in the abdominal muscles and push the breath back out through your nose.  Be mindful of your breathing and take your time, try and make the inhale and exhale even.

One thing I love about my San Diego Chiropractor is he has a mediation room at his office so you can go in there and do a little mediation before your adjustment to help relax the body.  Many San Deigo Chiropractors are beginning to add massage, meditation rooms and acupuncture into their offices to give their patients many different wellness paths.  Remember if your mind starts to wander take a deep breath and try to refocus.  I highly recommend trying some recorded meditation guidance or attending a meditation class if you are having a hard time clearing the mind.  



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