Sauces Used In Thai Cuisine

In Thai cuisine there are three kinds of sauces that are commonly used. These are nam priks, nam jims and curries. The former are different kinds of chili pastes, nam jims are dip sauces and lastly are the curries. Some other sauces that fall into the mentioned categories are mentioned below:


1. Nam Jim

It is a sweet chili sauce. The main ingredients of this sauce are hot chilies, garlic, vinegar and sweet chilies. It is served with rotisserie or grilled chicken. It is also served with various seafood dishes.

2. Nam Prik

Roasted Nam Prik is used to marinate vegetables and this sauce gives depth to the flavor. In this sauce the main ingredients are banana chilies, onion, garlic, tomatoes and bird chilies. It is frequently used in best Thai restaurant Melbourne CBD.

3. Shrimp Nam Prik

In this kind of sauce the main ingredient is shrimp. It is one of the oldest types of Nam Prik sauces. It is usually served with raw vegetables and fried dishes. It is also used with breakfast dishes.

4. Chili jam

It is one of the spiciest sauces of Thai cuisine. It is usually served with Khao soi. In Thailand people really love this kind of sauces and eats it as a staple food.

5. Fish sauce

It is made from small fish that called anchovies. Fish sauce is one used in Thai cuisine. It is used in most of the Thai dishes and gives distinctive flavor in each of the dishes.

These are a few commonly used sauces in Thai recipes.


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